We report monthly and quarterly via Factsheets and Quarterly Reviews

We pride ourselves in providing concise, jargon-free regular communication in the form of a review document which is published quarterly.  A review document details what happened in the reporting period, what actions we took within the portfolio, what we think will happen in the next reporting period, an overview of performance which we publish net of fee’s and an asset class review.

We believe transparency is key and provide full portfolio disclosure and explain portfolio positioning on a strategic and tactical basis.  If a client requires a more frequent update, they can access monthly factsheets via our website and/or login to their online portal for real-time performance.  In addition to our literature, Shane Balkham, CIO also regularly speaks at client-focused seminars hosted via our IFA partners.

On a less formal basis, we also circulate weekly market commentary by email titled ‘The World In A Week’. The aim of this communication is to inform advisers of key events from the previous week and, where appropriate, alert them to announcements or data releases in the week ahead.