Our range of actively managed Multi-Asset Blend Funds bring together the best elements of our Model Portfolio ranges. The Funds are actively managed, which means the Investment Manager decides which investments to buy and when. This allows added flexibility to reflect the Investment team’s views on markets.

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Model Portfolios


YOU traces its investment roots back to 2004 and our range of actively managed multi-asset model portfolios. These offer a risk rated active model portfolios ranging from 01 to 10 (with 01 lowest risk and 10 highest).  This means we select the funds we feel appropriate for an investor’s attitude to risk and build a suitable portfolio.

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We offer one income portfolio. This active portfolio is designed to deliver long term returns that is different from the markets, which will mean a level of deviation from our passive ranges over both the short and long term, as we seek to outperform the market.

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Enhanced Passive

Using predominantly passive funds, we offer the same set of 10 risk rated portfolios.  We enhance clients’ return through the application of our current tactical asset allocation positioning.  These portfolios are designed to deliver an enhanced market-like return.  Since launch seven years ago, these portfolios have delivered industry leading performance.

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We offer three Ethical model portfolios: cautious, balanced and growth.  Each model combines investments in socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable funds with a strategy for long term capital growth.  All funds in this sector are independently monitored for consistency in their ethical and environmental credentials.  

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